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The window to Thailand's most attractive island...

Samui Batik is located at Bahn Boh Hin in Bohphud ( Chaweng ) on the Koh Samui Island in Thailand.

We produce handmade batik cloths in many forms of clothing and we also make paintings on demand and other artwork built on the creativeness of our art-loving team that makes all of the Samui Batik's productions a work of high quality, and a fair price.  This is also because we create each piece of art on the passion we have for art, and not for the profitable purpose.

We have also services such as Resort and Samui Travel Information and our own Homestay for those who wish to travel to Ko Samui. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook!



Samui Batik - Art Shop

Welcome to our Samui Art Shop

Which painting would you like to order home today?

Choose between our following paintings and contact us for your order. Or you can send us your own custom request such as a photo, a painting of your own choice, and we will paint it for you!




Bahn Boh Hin Homestay - บ้านบ่อหิน

Experience the nature of Samui...

Come and see Ko Samui in a way tha is far more intresting than the ordinary hotel-room experience. Learn the local's way of life, experience the feeling of being one with nature and taste its tropical fruits. Or just go ahead and taste that fresh watery coconut you see on the coconut trees... Living your journey to its fullest.




Travel in Samui

Come Travel in Samui!

Travel in Samui is the most inside-out-up-and-under guide for traveling in Koh Samui based on our local knownledge and experience. Here you may find the best information for making your trip to the Samui Island worth every moment!








Coconut Oil - Samui Bahn Boh Hin's 100% Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

Cold processed, Hand-pressed

Coconut Oil - Samui Bahn Boh Hin's 100% Pure Virgin Coconut Oil is a cold-processed coconut oil extracted from our one and only natural mineral watered coconuts on the Koh Samui Island at our Homestay. Each coconut is carefully selected one by one before the long process of the coconut oil extraction begins. Our Samui coconut oils are 100% natural and has no added ingridients whereas the process is the secret to its perfection.




Resorts in Samui

Index over 260 Resorts and Hotels in Koh Samui

Resorts and Hotels in Koh Samui. Find your favourite room through-out our complete index of over 260 hotels and resorts, including Bungalows all over the island! All in a price of your choice.




Samui Batik - Batik Shop

Welcome to our Batik Shop

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Choose between our following products and send us your order here.





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Coconut Oil (New!)  
  Samui Bahn Boh Hin's 100% Pure Coconut Oil is now available for order, contact us at coconutoil@samuibatik.com Certificates Certificate Highlights Samui-Guide-book